Thursday, December 31, 2015

"This Year's List"

Good day to you, friends!

yes, everyone's doing it, so why can't I, I wondered! Well, the answer is rather simple: I can't do a list of my favorite songs released in 2015, because I'm so far behind in this game that I wouldn't be able to present it before 2017 or thereabouts! I have listened to some new stuff, yes, but only a handful of songs really convinced me. As for the rest, I always tend to rely on your impressive lists, which shows what a lazy bastard I am! The thing is, year ends today and so far I've only briefly gone through Brian's list in its entirety and I've downloaded parts of Walter's list, but the rest of your lists will have to follow. But I haven't found the time to listen to any of these tunes closely so far, although I'm confident they all are wonderful.

So, to cut a long story short: what you will get today is a list of songs I downloaded for various reasons within 2015, although the bulk of them is dead old!!

Reasons why I wanted to have these tunes on my computer were many: some of them I used to have on vinyl, some of them I still have on vinyl but can't be arsed to rip them, some of them I always wanted to have but never got me hands on them so far, some of them I never heard of and just discovered them within last year, some of them I nearly forgot about and thought it would be neat to have them again.

When flickering through them last evening, I thought to myself: hold on, why not do another one of those boring mixes again whilst enjoying the rest of the bottle of Portuguese red, not too much of an effort, isn't it?

And so there you are, in my list of 2015 I have for you a few songs which were indeed released this year (# 01, # 27), including one of the best records in the history of the whole world ever (# 12), two songs The Clash apparently approved of (# 10, # 11), a handful of nice covers (# 05, # 06# 13, # 25, # 26), some old punk stuff you don't hear all too often (# 21, # 23), some old punk stuff you hear often enough but has stood the test of time, at least I think it has (# 16, # 19), some tunes new to me - most probably nicked from sites from all of the four readers of this blog, as a matter of fact - (# 02# 03, # 04, # 07, # 14, # 17), a lot of tunes I knew all along, but am now glad to have in more or less decent mp3-quality (# 08, # 09, #15, # 18, #22), The Raveonettes, because I slacked them off last week and Drew - rightly - complained (# 24), a little bit of Ska (# 20) and a tune with a fitting title to end this mix and sentence (# 28):

I do hope some of you enjoy this compilation. Links to the specific songs are hidden in the brackets above and the aforementioned mix is here.

So, have fun, enjoy whatever your plans may be for tonight and  - most importantly - please stay healthy, so that you can provide me with tons of good stuff and the usual rants within 2016!!

Take good care and have a wonderful New Year!



drew said...

Looking forward to this Dirk, that's pretty neat where you hid the links.

health and happiness to you and yours in 2016.

charity chic said...

You are a star!
Happy new Year to you and all the Losers

Brian said...

Well done, Dirk! Happy New Year!

Swiss Adam said...

Top stuff Dirk. Happy new year.

JC said...

Great stuff Dirk. Happy New Year and here's to one day us meeting in person....

JC said...

Oh my.

That Ode to Tony Wilson is extraordinary. Many many thanks