Saturday, December 26, 2015

"The Twelve Days Of Christmas ... Day 12"

Good morning,

yes, you made it, congratulations! The final installment in this series and what a gem I have for you today: really, if you don't simply love this song, then something is seriously wrong with you!

Low come from Minnesota and Minnesotans know a thing or two about harsh winters – and perhaps that’s why this song, while containing the requisite amount of jingle bells, has a decidedly weary quality to it. At its heart it’s very sweet, being about one of those little shared moments that make you feel Christmassy, even though everything around you is telling you otherwise.

And that's exactly why you should listen to it closely .... and fall in love with it. Now!

mp3: Low - 'Just Like Christmas' ('99)

Alright, I hope you enjoyed one or two of my choices. I certainly did. But more than that I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and I hope to find you all back in healthy form in 2016!

Take good care, my friends,



Brian said...

Dirk, Once again, one of your readers was thinking nearly the same thing as you. I just posted a cover of this one and saw your post 30 seconds later. Anyway, great series. It was so nice to have you back this holiday season.

Anonymous said...

Swiss Adam

George said...

This sounds like you taped it off the radio.